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Do you Know the Home You're Buying?

We don't just find the clues. We Know what they mean.


Taking the Mystery Out of Home Buying and Selling. The Home Inspectors home inspection.

For Prospective Buyers: The Pre-Purchase Inspection
Is the disclosure given to you by the seller 100% accurate? Find Out! Discovery of any defects may warrant a renegotiation. Let the Home Inspectors decide. The Home Inspectors will provide you with an evaluation of defects and needed repairs. This same examination can be of value for homes under construction where we create a list of what needs to be done before completion.
For Sellers: The Pre-Listing Inspection
Before listing your home, our Property Analysis Report can help evaluate its condition. This enables essential repairs and cosmetic touch-ups to be made before buyers view your home. You'll sell your property faster and at a better price.
For Homeowners: Current-Owner Inspection
Often the people who live in a house are so close to it they can't see its problem. We help you decide on the repairs and renovation by giving you solid, unbiased advice. If you're already exhausted by conflicting sales pitch, call us. We'll recommend the steps to take in order to get the job done right.